Tempting Fate for the Sake of Food Science

I have been cooking since I was a young boy, but the day I actually fell in love with it was more than 20 years ago, when I was a teenager working at Ferran Adrià’s elBulli.

Ferran wanted to do an experiment which involved putting cold water in a vat of hot oil. We all thought he was crazy, and not surprisingly, the experiment didn’t work out for him that day. But it was just the first step in his process, and a year or so later, he developed the dish he intended when he tempted the fate of science–when he created his liquid croquettes.

From there, the seed ...

A Spanish-American Food Connection, Forged by Boat and Battlefield

The first time I saw America, I was serving as a crew member on a Spanish Navy ship–a 1920s tall ship called the Juan Sebastían de Elcano, named after the great 16th century explorer. I was 8 or 9 years old when I first saw her with my father in the port of Barcelona. I was hooked. I wanted to see the world, and I believed that the navy was how I was going to do it. But my father told me I had to joint the military to get on a ship like that.

And of course I did, because in Spain at that time, every ...

José Andrés: My New Year’s Resolutions

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, with lots of hope of great things to come in the twelve months that lay ahead. I know that for many of you, it also means a new set of resolutions.

Resolutions that make us better people but often are hard to fulfill, like getting more exercise, paying bills on time, cooking healthier meals, and playing more with our kids. Some of us may even go as far as to try and drink less! In my experience, resolutions are something that we make with good intentions, but always end in disappointment. This year, I’m making a list of resolutions that I ...

Solar Power Can Provide Hot Meals for the Masses

In every one of my restaurants, each day begins with the same routine. Chefs receive their orders, line cooks start prepping their ingredients, and the front of the house starts polishing the silverware and setting the tables. Along with all of that, someone goes into the kitchen and lights the stoves. Every burner is lit and immediately put to use.

In some of my kitchens, the ranges can span ten burners across, and they’re constantly topped with pots and pans of food simmering all day long. Without these burners, nothing would be possible. Not the food we serve, the experiences we create. This business that I have built my ...

The Importance of Talking About Food

Everyday at my restaurant minibar in Washington, D.C., a chef, sometimes two, stands at a counter and goes through 20 or so boxes of micro greens and herbs.

Stem by stem, ever so carefully, they pluck these tiny, delicate leaves using tweezers and measure them into portions for that night’s service. It’s tedious work—an exercise for the brain as well as the eyes, but these precious greens are so beautiful that it's never a bore. (more…)

Changing the Way We Eat Meat

Sitting on a stage in Washington, DC at National Geographic some months back, I was on a panel that started to discuss meat consumption and how, really, we should be eating more vegetables.

When I exclaimed to the audience, “Vegetables are sexy!” I also had to quickly add that yes, in fact, I am opening a restaurant with the word “meat” in the name, a celebration of the carnivores in the heart of Las Vegas. People started laughing, the topic soon changed, and we moved on. I never felt like I got the chance to explain, so let me do so now. 0

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5 Chicken Recipes from One Chicken

Growing up in my house, you could always tell what time of the month it was by what we had in the refrigerator.

In the beginning of the month, it would be filled with food; food like fish and chicken, and sometimes beef. But at the end of the month, because my father would be waiting for his paycheck, the refrigerator would be nearly empty. (more…)

Coming to Grips with Food Ethics for Chefs

As a chef, I know I’m just one link in the chain of people who are responsible for feeding the world.

A group made up of farmers, truck drivers, purveyors; the people who grow the food, transport it, and package it. And it also includes the people in the government, who are responsible for making sure all of this is done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and ourselves. (more…)

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