Where Do Food Trucks Go at Night?

After serving their last customers, food truck employees around the country typically have one more stop on their itinerary: a commissary. That’s where they park the truck for maintenance, cleaning, and restocking for the next day or shift.

Whether trucks are required by law to park at commissaries—as is the case in many cities—or use them for convenience, commissaries provide many services. They've been around for decades, working with traditional commercial food trucks, but with the rise of gourmet trucks, commissaries are in the spotlight.

While reporting on L.A.'s food trucks for National Geographic magazine, I found one of the largest commissaries in L.A., La Raza Foods, a three-acre ...

Bus Stop Tacos, or How I Dove Into L.A.’s Food Truck Culture

All I wanted was a taco. A Kogi BBQ short-rib taco, to be precise.

In search of this taco, I flew across the country. I stalked Twitter and plotted my route to a busy Los Angeles street. I waited in a long line on a cold Saturday night. I ordered, paid, and waited longer. When my order was up, I grabbed my food.

Only then, after I had come so far, and was so close to finally digging in, did I realize I couldn’t eat dripping tacos standing up. But I was at a food truck on a dirty sidewalk, and there was nowhere to sit. Except…

That’s how I ended ...

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