Are We Ready for an Ag Tech Revolution?

The technology has been ready for decades, but the time is finally ripe for the world to take a new approach to agriculture, says entrepreneur Randy Komisar.

Komisar is a founding director of TiVo, a partner at venture capitalist firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and a lead investor in Nest—a little wireless thermostat control company that took off big just before Google bought it in 2014.

Komisar is known for knowing what’s coming next, and now he thinks agricultural technology is ready to bloom. I caught up with him recently and asked him, why now?

“My attraction to food and ag tech is the timely application of technologies ...

This Doctor Wants to Prescribe Better Food for Everyone

When Molly Maloof was a new doctor in residence at a major medical institution in a pediatric cancer ward, she was struck by how frequently the sick children were given sugar-laden cookies and cakes. When she asked her supervisor if the meals could be changed to include more fresh and healthy foods, she was told she was a “dreamer” and she should keep her head down and her mouth shut.

She took that as a sign, and now Maloof prescribes food before pills. She works with Silicon Valley tech firms to optimize employee nutrition, advises food companies on marketing, and promotes better food as the solution to preventing ...

Can a Former Women’s Clothing Guru Change the Conversation About Food?

The food business is on the verge of major change, and after talking with Christine Day it is clear she wants to be one of the drivers.

Day is the CEO of Luvo, a fast-growing company offering balanced, prepared meals for people on the go, right from the grocery freezer aisle. Named one of Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies in 2014, Luvo makes meals that are high in nutrients and low in calories that actually taste good. So, they are not making your grandma’s T.V. dinners. Think more veggie lasagna, less Salisbury steak.

But there’s still an awful lot of other cheap, salt and fat laden food options out there, ...

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