Beer Company Creates Edible Six-Pack Rings to Save Marine Life

Every schoolkid knows that those tough plastic rings that hold six packs together can end up choking birds or sea turtles if they fall into the ocean, as so much of the world's trash does. Now, one craft beer company has launched a new way to tackle this problem: fully edible, compostable six-pack rings.

Developed by the Delray Beach, Florida-based Saltwater Brewery and the ad agency Webelievers, the new rings are "made with byproducts of the beer making process, that instead of killing animals, feeds them," the brewery writes on its website.

The rings are made of organic materials like spent barley and wheat, and are also biodegradable ...

Crab Cake Customers Get the Bait and Switch

When customers come into BlackSalt, Pearl Dive, or any of the Black Restaurant Group's other upscale Washington, D.C. restaurants hankering for crab, more often than not they are hoping to dig into some fresh blue crabs that were caught locally, says M.J. Gimbar, the group's chief fishmonger.

"In the D.C.-Maryland area, people want Maryland crab cakes," says Gimbar. But they’re not always getting what they think they’re getting.

Gimbar works with trusted local suppliers to fill that demand when blue crabs are in season in Maryland and Virginia. The rest of the year, he sources the same species of crab from Florida and Gulf Coast states, while being transparent ...

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