Your Shot: The Global Appeal of Street Food

Food trucks, those flashy, mobile culinary marvels that urban Americans have come to stalk like celebrities, are a fairly recent phenomena in the States. As David Brindley explains in his piece on the L.A. food truck evolution in the July issue of National Geographic, food trucks are now part of the fabric of our lives. They show up at sweaty outdoor concerts, posh backyard parties, and right outside our office buildings at lunchtime, ready to offer a fleeting thrill via the latest taco-pickle-spaghetti-burger mashup.

But the world has been snacking on street food from makeshift kitchens on wheels for centuries. In Asian countries, sampling street food is often the best way to explore a city (Don’t believe me? Check out Street Food Around The World on NatGeoTV.)

From chicken kabobs to chick peas, roasted corn to fried crickets, here are a few of our favorite street food scenes from around the world, as seen through the lens of our Your Shot photo community. And stay tuned for your chance to enter the National Geographic #streetfood hashtag challenge photo contest later this week.


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