Food Security Is National Security

As we celebrate World Food Day and 2014 as the Year of Family Farming, we want to celebrate the millions of Americans involved in getting food from our farms to our tables, and to those millions and millions around the world. 

Family farming is not unique to small farms in less-developed countries; family-run businesses dominate U.S. agricultural production, accounting for almost 98 percent of U.S. farms. (more…)

Coming to Grips with Food Ethics for Chefs

As a chef, I know I’m just one link in the chain of people who are responsible for feeding the world.

A group made up of farmers, truck drivers, purveyors; the people who grow the food, transport it, and package it. And it also includes the people in the government, who are responsible for making sure all of this is done in a way that doesn’t negatively impact the environment and ourselves. (more…)

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Mooncakes, Goose, and Blackberries

When you look at the history of holidays, it becomes clear that the human race spends a lot of time whooping it up about food.

Take first-fruit festivals, which have been hot events around the globe since ancient times, cheering—depending on who and where you are—the initial ripening of everything from barley to yams, raspberries, and sugarcane. (more…)

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